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Learn from God who you are and where you fit.


Examine Inherited Ambitions


Discern their Truthfulness


Explore God's Truth About You

Your Birthright

We were born with gifts. Innate attributes that were made to flow from us to bring healing into the world. Unfortunately these gifts can become fractured by life experiences that tell us we're something different other than we are. We must journey inward to encounter the fragmented parts of ourselves and uncover how they can be pieced together to reflect what God says is most true about us. We must choose the brave path of discovery to achieve a sense of wholeness like we see in the Japanese Art of Kintsugi (“golden repair”).

I invite you to allow me to be a guide on the life-long journey to “golden repair.” This is your birthright. You are a masterpiece worth tending.

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Hi, I'm Jen Mounday

Like many people, my first half of life was marked by striving and busyness. After undergrad, I earned an MA in Education and started a career teaching. I became a mother of two through the foster-adopt system, worked with at-risk youth and served as Dean of Students. After a deep tumult into the pain of betrayal trauma and reckoning with past religious trauma, I deconstructed and rebuilt my faith.




Today, I revel in a slower, more mindful way of being in the presence of God and those around me. As a trained spiritual director, educator and retreat guide I support people in varying life and faith stages who desire to have something deeper with God.

Through the years of life's unfolding I've wrestled with belief in and pursuit of God.



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One on One Spiritual Direction

Notice the movement of God in your life to know God and yourself more fully.

Small Group Spiritual Direction

Discern with others as God reveals himself through prayerful listening and response.


The Experience

Get help, find myself, follow passions, learn who I am.heic
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Jen always put effort into guiding me with consistent love, wisdom, and inspiration. Her lessons are monumental within my spiritual journey and life path. If you are lucky enough to have a conversation, soak in every single word.

Whitney Hoy

Jen helped me unpack the layers where there was confusion. I am now separating the junk from the treasure in a way that I can discern what I should leave for my heirs and what I should not. I could not have traveled this far in my journey without Jen's help.

Christina Parandes-Perez 

Jen reminded me to walk in the fact that I am beloved by God first and foremost. My sessions with Jen will remain an encouragement to me for the rest of my life. I hope you find the same level of encouragement and empathy that I did during our time together.

Chris Baeza

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